Dark Hearts Slots

Dark Hearts Slots is a Rival video slot that has an interesting background of black and red intrigue. From the looks of it, it is strongly steeped in vampiric legend and lore - at least, that's what most of the symbols seem to suggest. There is an elaborate lock and key symbol; as if to some dark, dank dungeon deep underground. There is a deep red lips image that serves as the game's wild symbol, as well as a handsome male vampire and Gothic lettered symbols from the table game poker.

The gameboard setup is as such: you can find out all the relevant information about the symbols by clicking the pay table buttons on both the left and right sides of the Dark Hearts name at the top of the screen. On the bottom is where all the buttons you will use to actually play the game reside. The left side controls how many pay lines you choose to bet on. For reference, Dark Hearts Slots has five reels with 243 different ways to win. Right next to the bet button, are the selected coins button and the bet Max button. The autoplay is the last button right before the spin option. Of course, the layout is the same just in case you want to play for free.

These are the symbols and their respective prizes: the redhaired maiden is worth 500 coins if five symbol show up simultaneously on the reels. Four redhaired maidens is 125 coins and three redhaired maidens is 25 points. The next highest paying symbol is a disheveled vampire; five of him equals 400 coins, four of him equals 100 coins, and three of him equals 20 coins. The handsome vampire delivers 300 coins if five symbols that appear, 80 coins if four symbols appear and 15 coins for three symbols. Lastly, in so far as the higher paying symbols are concerned, we have the hibiscus flower. Five of the symbols gets the player 250 coins, four of the symbols gets you 60 coins, and three of them gets you 12 coins.

The lower paying symbols are the poker numbers and letters. The highest of these is the ace; five of them gets you 100 coins, four of them gets you 30 coins and three of them get you 10 coins. The King symbol is worth 90 coins per five, 25 coins for 25, and eight coins for three symbols. The Queen is worth the same as the King - except for the last allotment in which three Queens are worth seven coins instead of eight coins. The joker is next where five equals 60 coins, for equals 20 coins, and three equals six coins. Then we have 10; five of these are good for 50 coins, four of these are good for 20 coins, and three of these are good for five coins. Finally, there is the 9 symbol. Five of them nets to 45 coins, four of them nets you 15 coins, and three of them nets you four coins.

The Dark Hearts special symbols are as follows: the DH placard is one of the wild symbols that can replace any other symbol except for the scatter. Five of these is good for 1250 coins, 4 of these are worth 250 coins, and 3 of these are worth 50 coins. The next wild symbol is a goblet of red champagne. 5 of these are worth 1000 coins, 4 of them 200 coins, and 3 of them are worth 40 coins. The last wild symbol is a silver cross amulet of some kind; five of these equals 600 coins, four of them equals 150 coins and three of them equals 30 coins. You've got all the elements to make a great run at the cash and prizes if you're a real cash player - try Dark Hearts Slots from Rival Gaming today.