Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots comes storming through your computer device of choice like the sounds of a stampede of bulls on the terrain of the wild wild West. It is a throwback to the time of the cowboy and the American frontier; ensconced in a classic three reel slot from none other than Rival Gaming. With all the symbols of a sheriff in the odd combination of the usual fruits, bars, and sevens that are found in classic slots, this one still manages to be positively explosive.

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots is a hearts-racing edition to the pokies that this online casino has to offer you. There's a lot of energy expended as you continue to spin in the hopes of landing a good combination of symbols for a payout in the real money version. Exhilarating and rewarding barely suffice in describing this one, where the wild symbol doubles as the Jackpot symbol. It is stylish without being outdated, and extroverts a decidedly science-fiction look and feel - sort of like a blockbuster movie starring American movie stars Will Smith, Daniel Craig and other big-name thespians.

For a quick rundown of the symbols consider this: you will find several varieties of the 7 icon, as well as the bar icon and the bullet bar icons. Mixing and matching these can lead to big payouts via multiple symbols; for example, if you get three of the wild robot cowboy icon, they you are in line to receive a 1500 coin payout. Alternatively, there's also the possibility of getting three yellow -colored 7 icons for an acceptable payout of 150 coins.

Here are some of the details of the pay table - you can of course check it again to be certain you understand the corresponding payouts per symbol.The highest paying symbol in the game is the wild Jackpot; three of these returns the 1500 coin jackpot, two wild symbols gives you 800 coins and one wild symbol releases 400 coins as a win. The next highest paying symbol is a row of Golden 7s; three of these equals 150 coins, two of these equals 100 points, and a single row of Golden sevens equals 50 coins. A row of three purple sevens equals 120 coins, two triple purple sevens equals 80 coins, and one triple purple sevens equals 40 coins.

Now you will see what the lower paying symbols offer. The red bar symbol, when you get three of them produces a financial reward of 45 coins, to red bar symbols is worth 30 coins, and a single red bar is worth 15 coins. As for a of three green bar icons, you receive 30 coins, for two green bar symbols, you get 20 coins, and for one green bar you receive 10 coins. Lastly - as far as the bar symbols are concerned anyway - there is a blue bar symbol. Three of these produces 15 coins, to light blue bars produce 10 coins, and one blue bar five coins. Next in line we have the Sheriff's badge; three of these unlocks a 60 coin win, two Sheriff's badges unlocks a 40 coin win and one Sheriff's badge unlocks 20 coins.

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots lets you see what it looks like when software engineers merge the old with the new; although it has the traditional feel of a 3 reel Classic, it also sports some futuristic science fiction details to help bring a dab of the new. You can play it at your favorite online casino using your mobile device or computer - wherever there's an internet connection. Download today and try it out!