Party Parrot Slots

Wager Gaming is big on bringing you the latest and greatest video slots that their design team can muster; with that in mind the five reel, 25 pay line Party Parrot Slots has debuted to astounding the claim. You can use the scatter symbols, the multiple stacked wild symbols, and the bonus feature in your bid to capture the 12,500 coin jackpot. Here's a hint: out of all the symbols the red bird is the most important in this endeavor - if five of them show up on the reels, then the jackpot is yours.

The thing to remember is that you never have to play these wonderful slots for money. The casino is open to everyone who is of age and capable of online gaming in their jurisdiction. If you are a real money player, on the other hand, then you have a wide range of coin size options from which to choose. You can bet from 0.01 credits to 10.00 credits, as well as vary the number of pay lines up to the full 25. As such, in total you can bet as low as $.25 and as much is $250 per spin.

Delving into the very important substitute symbol that we spoke of earlier, the Grass Hut is the wild in Party Parrot Slots. It only shows up on the second and fourth reel and can be stacked when it does appear. It cannot replace the scatter symbol, which is the Musical Notes in this game; however one of its primary attributes is to trigger the Bonus Feature. When it does trigger this magnificent game, all you have to do is choose each Hut and gain the hidden prize multiplier that corresponds to the primitive grass house. Now, there's no telling before hand the precise size of the multiplier that you will receive - it can range from twice your initial total bet, up to an amazing 250 times in total bet.

The scatter symbol is also important here; when at least two of them appear anywhere on the board - you win your bet amount! If you are lucky enough to get three or more Musical Notes scatter symbols, then you have to refer to the pay table to see how much more you receive; it's always some integer multiple of your total bet.

The other symbols on the reels show that this talking bird is got a lot of pizzazz. There is a guitar symbol, a glass of wine and cup, a strumming bird, the upper poker symbols and more. The second highest paying symbol is the blue bird with a straw hats; and a handful of these on the reels delivers 5000 points. If you get 4 bluebird straw hat symbols, then your prize is 750 coins. Three bluebirds equals 100 coins and to bluebirds equals five coins. The guitar is next in the high-paying symbols of this: 5 guitars equals 1000 coins, 4 guitars equals 250 coins, 3 guitars equals 50 coins, and 2 guitars are good for just five coins. Lastly we have the wine glass - 5 of them equals 500 coins, 4 wineglass icons equals 150 coins, 3 wineglass symbols equals 25 coins, and 2 wine glasses are five coins.

Take a quick gander at the Game Rules section before you play, so that you have an idea of how to acquire wins. Party Parrot Slots is amenable to mobile game play so you needn't wait till you get home to try your luck on this unique video slot. Play it using an acceptable browser - generally, Firefox or Chrome will do - or download the casino software onto your desktop pc. Enjoy!