Plunk-Oh Slots

What can we say about the title to this slot? It doesn't reveal much, yet it does stand out as being a more unusual one, doesn't it?

Some players might recognize the Plunk-Oh name though, mostly because it is also the name of a gameshow. If you didn't know that, it doesn't matter - you can still enjoy everything the Plunk-Oh slot game can offer you.

Reels and lines

You'll see a 3 x 3 grid of symbols appear when you load this game. This means you have three reels in play that are big enough to provide five paylines.

Which coins can you play with?

Choose a coin worth between a cent and $5 to get started with. If you wish, you can bet up to three coins of your selected value on each line of the game. This means you've got a diverse range of bets to choose from.

Plunk-Oh symbols worth watching for

Plunk-Oh gets its own bright logo in action here, and it is a logo you will want to watch out for. This is the substitute symbol and there is nothing here it will not replace.

As is common in many other three-reel slots, that substitute also doubles as the jackpot symbol. Three on a line will trigger the jackpot if you had placed a bet on that line. The only downside here is the size of the jackpot - just 450 coins if you manage to get it.

We know there is little chance of winning a slot game jackpot, which means the logo is better viewed as a wild. If you manage to get a winning line with its help, you will receive a generous 3x multiplier to help increase its value.

Are there bonus features in this slot?

No, Plunk-Oh is a simple, if colorful and unusual, slot game. We like the 3 x 3 format as it does give you more lines to play on. However, those multiplier wins courtesy of the substitute icon are the main attraction in this game.

Download and play the Plunk-Oh slot game today

We like Plunk-Oh a lot - it stands out among many other three-reel games thanks to its brightness and eye-catching design. It works well as a gameshow-themed slot too, albeit far from the most complex one we have ever played. Give it a shot and see if you like it too.