Winsanity Slots

There's a big push for online slot games to back to the days of classic slot design and retro styles. More and more software companies are designing traditional online slot games to meet this demand. However, Winsanity Slots gives players a traditional slot game with a few extra perks, including multipliers. This gives the traditional slot lovers the simplicity they love, while also giving them the opportunity to win even more cash.

Traditional Symbols With Big Winning Potential: Winsanity Slots

The graphics of Winsanity Slots are well down and simple in design. Players are met with a background that features colors of blue, green and purple. The slot symbols are very traditional and include, the single BAR symbol, the double BAR symbol, the triple BAR symbol, the quadruple BAR symbol, the 7 symbol, and symbols of 2x, 4x, and 6x. The biggest payouts come when players are able to combine the multiplier symbols. If a player is lucky enough to land all three, they will pay out between 1,000 coins (on a one coin wager) and 3,000 coins (on a three coin wager). The second highest pay out comes from the quadruple BAR symbol, which will pay out between 20 coins (on a one coin wager) and 60 coins (on a three coin wager).

Wagering Correctly Will Benefit You In Winsanity Slots

Winsanity Slots only comes with one pay line, but wagering properly is still important if you want to win the most money possible. Players get the chance to choose a coin size between $0.01 and $10. They can also choose whether they wager between one and three coins on that line. This essentially will allow the player to wager up to $30 per spin. Not everyone will be able to afford to make that type of wager. But, the more the player wagers, the better their chances are to gain the highest pay outs.

Multipliers Take Winsanity Slots To Another Level

The multiplier symbols also act as the game's Wild symbols. Thus, a 2x, 4x, or 6x symbol will substitute for any other symbols to help players create winning combinations. The best part is that they not only create wins, but also multiply them instantly. For example, if a 6x symbol creates a win that would typically pay 10 coins, it'll automatically jump up to become a 60 coin win.

Mobile Friendly Helps Players Who Are On-The-Go: Winsanity Slots

One modern thing about the traditionally designed Winsanity Slots is that it's fully mobile compatible. Players can engage in their online slot fun with Winsanity Slots on any Android or iOS device.