Hot Hand Slots

While most people are afraid of the Devil, Hot Hand Slots makes playing with the Devil quite appealing. This online slot game from Rival Gaming group gives players the chance to team up with a sexy She-Devil for a wild ride of thrills and excitement. The She-Devil hostess gives the players a chance to win real cash upon the flame engulfed 3 reels and 5 pay lines. The game itself is quite classic in design, but there are multiplier bonus features that bring it into an entirely new realm of excitement.

Hot Hand Slots Offers Red Hot Graphics

While the concept may sound quite dreadful, the graphics of Hot Hand Slots are anything but. They feature charming purple and red flames surrounding the game's symbols. Players can expect to find symbols that include, a diamond, a 7, a bell, cherries, hearts, clubs, and the sexy She-Devil hostess.

The game does come with thrilling Wild symbols that give players multipliers, which can help make a minor win much larger. The highest paying symbol is the She-Devil herself, which is not shocking. If a player wagers three coins and lands a winning combo that includes the She-Devil, they can gain 225 coins. Players should also look forward to landing the 7 symbol, as it pays second highest and will allow the player to take home 75 coins.

Multipliers Keep The Winning Flames Hot, Hot, Hot In Hot Hand Slots

There aren't a ton of bonus features in Hot Hand Slots, but the multipliers more than make up for the lack of bells and whistles. The first reel can produce a 2x Wild multiplier, the second reel can produce a 3x Wild multiplier, and the third reel can produce a 4x Wild multiplier. Like pretty much every other online slot game, the Wild symbols are used to substitute for other symbols. This gives players a better chance of gaining a winning combination. Even better for the player, the multipliers make the winnings much larger. The good news is that multipliers can occur simultaneously, which can lead to winnings of up to 4,500 coins.

A Game Great For Any Budget: Hot Hand Slots

One of the best things about Hot Hand Slots is that it's great for players of any sized budget. Penny slot players will enjoy the fact that they can play for as little as $0.01 and high rollers can choose $5 wagers. Players are able to choose from 1 to 5 pay lines, so the betting can literally go from $0.01 to $75 per spin.