Dr. Acula Slots

If you dare, that is. Is there a familiarity about that name? If you remove the gap between the two words, you can see we might just be talking about the most famous vampire in fiction. It's Dracula, of course - and he takes center stage in this entertaining slot game from Rival Gaming. Is this going to rival lots of other horror-themed slots at Halloween? Let's see what it can offer.

Reels and lines

While you only get three reels in action here, you do also get three icons on each reel. This means you can choose to play over five lines.

Which coins can you play with?

There is a good range of coins here that should suit most players. If you want to bet more than one coin on each of those five lines, you can go as high as five per line.

Dr Acula symbols worth watching for

Dr Acula was clearly going to make an appearance here, but fortunately he can be useful to you. He appears as a wild icon, replacing other symbols if he can help you win a prize by doing so.

He also qualifies as the jackpot symbol. This means he can help you win 250 coins for a one-coin bet if three of him appear on a line. Play two or three coins and that winning line would produce 500 or 1,000 coins instead.

Are there bonus features in this slot?

There are lots of Halloween- and horror-themed images appearing in Dr Acula slots. For example, you will see he has a nurse who looks just as shocking as he does. There are a few blood-themed icons here too.

But the one thing you should be aware of is the lack of any bonus features. It's not an issue here, as you may not have expected any to start with. This is still a nice game to play for a while.

Download and play the Dr Acula slot game today

No one wants to have any reason to go and see a doctor - much less one that appears in the guise of a vampire. But Dr Acula is a great little game to play and one that fits the mood of the season very nicely. Will you brave the doc and see whether Dr Acula slots are going to appeal to you if you play today?