Juicy Jewels Slots

Juicy Jewels Slots

You would be hard-pressed to find a slot explodes with color more than Juicy Jewels Slots. Rival Gaming has really released one for the ages with this five reel, 30 pay line game that prioritizes color without compromising find in the instant play version, and the excitement of trying for cash and prizes in the download version. You won't find too many online casino gamers wishing that Rival would've turned down the lights on this particular slot, because it brings a lot of joy to players from every corner of the world.

The symbols on the reels are reminiscent of many of your favorite candies from your youth. You will find a sky-blue candied jewel that was probably meant to be a topaz gem, and Emerald can with the same soft, organic look that makes it look like a piece of jelly candy, a white diamond, a gold colored diamond, and and a amethyst crystal. The rest of the symbols are from the table game poker; these include 9, 10, Joker, King, Queen, and Ace.

The way the game is set up familiar to you if you ever played any other online slot is run through the basics: you can access the pay table at the very top of either side of the screen - this tells you how much certain combinations of the symbols are worth. It also tells you which ones are the special symbols, and whether or not free spins and multipliers go with combinations that involve them. At the bottom of the screen the spin buttons all the way to the right. Next to that, on the left side, is the Autoplay button for you multitaskers out there. You should also easily see the Bet Max button and the Select Coins next to the. These buttons allow you to choose the number of pay lines is to play her spin, as well as the coin amounts you wish to play in the real money version of Juicy Jewels Slots.

If you get 5 of the gold diamond symbol to show up at once, then you receive 70 coins as a win. If 4 gold diamonds show up, the win amount is 15 coins. If 3 gold diamonds appear, you get seven coins. The purple triangle gem is more popularly known - at least among women, anyway - as the a amethyst birthstone. If you manage to get 5 purple gems lined up on the reels, the win is 25 coins. If you get 4 purple gem icons, your win is 12 coins; and 3 purple gems are worth six coins.

The lower paying symbols are the ones that have been borrowed from poker. Of these, the highest is the Ace; five of them leads to a 20 coin win, four of them leads to a 10 point win, and three Aces leads to a five coin win. Five Kings are worth 15 coins, for Kings are worth 10 coins, and three Kings are worth four coins. Five Queens are worth 12 coins, four Queen symbols are worth 9 coins and three Queen icons are worth 3 coins.

The Joker is next in line with five of them being worth 10 coins, for Jokers being worth five coins, and three Joker symbols being worth two coins. The 10 symbol produces a 8 coins if five show up simultaneously across the reels, 4 coins for four 10 icons, and just a single coin for three 10 symbols. Lastly, five 9 symbols equals 6 coins, for 9 symbols equals 3 coins, and three 9 symbols equals a single coin. Juicy Jewels Slot is intriguing and worth a play-through; download the casino software to have a chance at some prizes or cash.