Gnome Sweet Home Slots

Gnome Sweet Home slots is a whopper of a video game from Rival Gaming; it has 5 reels and an astonishing 50 pay lines of rip-roaring fund in a magical garden that is frequented by spiritual creatures such as gnomes and fairies. In fact, in keeping with the garden theme, there's actually a Gnome-Garden bonus feature that goes well with the expanding wild symbols and considerable 5000 coin jackpot. To boost what this game offers even further, you've got the opportunity to win an amazing 50 free spins, along with the possibility of triple payouts if the right symbols appear.

If you look closely, you will notice a very strong Christmas theme that permeates the entire gameboard. Gnome Sweet Home slots has been around since about 2013, and shows no signs of slowing down amongst the ranks of avid casino gamers in the online space. This next short section is for real money gamers: you can bet using a coin size from $.01-$.25, as well as the ability to spend 10 points on each one 50 pay lines. Thus, your total bet for any spin can range from $.50 to $125 - with the latter being the case when you use the maximum number of points per line as well as the highest monetary coin amounts on all 50 pay lines.

As for the symbols, you will find many quirky icons: there is a honeybee honeycomb, there is the God Eros in statute form, there is a man-made bird nest, there is a princess Gnome, there is a lumberjack Gnome, there's Mr. and Mrs. Gnome separately, and the poker symbols appear to be carved out of Oak wood. For reference, Mrs. Gnome is the highest paying symbol that is not considered a feature symbol; she can capture you a full 5000 coins when five of her show up on the reels.

The wild symbol in this game is the Princess Gnome and she replaces every other symbol except for the scatter symbol - of which this game actually has two. The wild princesse shows up on the first, third, and fifth reels only. She is actually an expanding wild icon and will do so when you take on winning combination. The two scatter symbols and Gnome Sweet Home slots are the lumberjack Gnome and the Mr. Gnome patriarchal figure. They trigger separate bonus features each and three of them are required to do so. The lumberjack Gnome is responsible for opening up the free spins feature and Mr. Gnome can trigger another bonus game by himself.

The Gnome Sweet Home symbol leaps onto the screen once at least three of the patriarch Mr. Gnome appears on the reels. Once it is activated, your goal is to help him pick three lucky plants from a pot in his magnificent garden. The number of coins that you receive depend on the precise plant that you pick in the bonus game. Later, there are also some prizes that are awarded hidden inside the plants left behind - these can become yours too.

Lastly, if you get three lumberjack Gnomes you can win 10 free spins. For lumberjack Gnomes are good for 20 free spins and a handful of lumberjack Gnomes can unveil 50 free spins of the lucky casino game. As promised in the beginning of this article, every free spins allotment is attached to a triple X multiplier on each win. Download Gnome Sweet Home slots to play for real cash, or forego the cash requirement and just play it with only fun in mind. It's a well-programmed game that is amenable to your mobile device, and you will not be disappointed.