Safari Sam 2 Slots

Safari Sam is at it against the second version of the Safari in your pocket. You can play this slot machine while on the go, or if you want to check out what all is waiting for you, then you can make use of the Safari in your pocket. The slot is Safari-themed, which is a given, and it is perfect for those who want to win a decent amount while you're in the middle of the thick green, lush forest around you.

You can be a winner with Safari Sam. Using this slot game, you can find out how you can make some extra cash in your player account. Never have to worry about where you're going to go or where you're going to play with the fun that Safari Sam has to offer you as a player. Check out the information we've gathered for you to find out if this is the right place to play.

Putting Your Bets Down on the Table

When the time comes to put your bets on the table, you want to find out how much you can get back in return when you're the winner of the slots. Place bets anywhere from one cent to 32 cents. The higher the bet, the more money you're going to get back in return. Remember this when trying to hit a jackpot prize with any slot machine. You can only place one coin or bet down on each line, but there are 50 pay lines to place bets on, and with a maximum bet of $24, you don't have to worry about not being able to win much back.

The Software You Will Find Inside

The software provider for this slot machine is Betsoft. Known as one of the better software companies out there, you can benefit with you know that you are able to get quality. With an adventure awaiting you, the software is just one of the many places that you will find quality exists. The other place is the game itself. The software providers were able to come up with one of the best games that not only pay decent but capture and hold your attention, providing even more fun. Betsoft is a great online casino software company and one you want to play games from.

How Many Themed Symbols Can You See

There are themed symbols that come around the board in this game, but you also should keep the classic card symbols in mind, as well. They are a part of this game worth noting and paying attention to. You won't have to worry about not getting cash back into your player account. The symbols that are classic card-themed are the ones that won't pay out the most, but they do give some sort of payment. They are the symbols that are after cards, such as the Jack, Queen, King, or ten. Aces are also a part of the game.

There are also themed symbols because they still wanted to make the game-themed and to excite the players. See a lot of safari-related symbols. This is everything from the trees, camping tent, and compass to Sam, Jane, a zebra, Jeep, and lion. Everyone is welcome to play and see if they can open up one of the many bonus features or even open up the largest payouts that this game has ever seen. Will you be lucky enough to hit it?

Free Games and Spins Offered from Safari Sam

There are several free games and spins that you can take advantage of in any sort of slot machine game. If you are looking into this one, then you should know there are three different bonus games you can open and win even more from. The first is the Free Spins Feature. This is exactly what the name of it implies. You will be able to win some free spins, which can either win you more free spins or some cash in your pocket. You want to check this out.

Another free feature bonus game is the Safari Stacks Feature. This helps you stack the symbols and see which ones you can line up for an even bigger multiplier bonus. It is a fun way to get a bit more challenge out of the slot. The Call of the Wild feature brings more animals and trees to the mix. You will feel like you are in the jungle, but if you play just right then, you are able to bring home a large payout in the end. It is just that simple to have fun and make some cash.

Sign Up with the Online Casino Today

Those looking to sign up with the online casino can do so with the help of Safari Sam. You can have a great time and win some cash with help from everyone who is offering it. Through their help, you won't have to look for another slot machine game to play again. They are there to provide this necessary help with this specific game design. Without the free spins, bonus features, and more, you wouldn't be able to get more from the signing up that you're doing.

Get more out of this slot machine today and bring your winnings home soon after. You can have a good time and make a decent amount of money while doing so. Everyone is a winner at this online casino, and fun you can have when playing with Safari Sam and going on the next African adventure. Sign up with the online casino and start playing today!