Bigfoot Fortunes Slots

Bigfoot Fortunes Slots well the clue is in the name. Here we have a slot game playing off of the story of the mythical or real depending on your beliefs, creature called Big Foot. This game offers a fun theme alongside quality features and gameplay. You can really test out the software that Rival Gaming produces. So if you have been on the hunt for a new slot game to play this may just be the one for you. Stick with us to find the ins and outs of the wonderful slot game.

Must Know Attributes of Bigfoot Fortunes Slots

This fabulous slot game runs with the theme of Big Foot and his adventures. If you aren’t familiar with the story you will find it extremely entertaining to play this slot game likewise if you already know it. The creature appears on the screen in the dark woods and its seeming spooky as we see mist and fog making its way through the trees.The moon is full and we can here howling in the background of the theme songs. The animations are great quality and same to be said about the soundtrack. The ambiance is really created well for the players.

Must Know Features of Bigfoot Fortunes Slots

There are so many fabulous features that give players the extra boost they need to reach the all important cash prizes. This adrenaline pumping 6 by 4 slot adventure will have you on the edge of your seat as you chase monstrous wins amidst the rugged beauty of a remote mountain resort. Players must navigate through dense woods, winding rivers, and towering mountains as you watch symbols like binoculars, a camera, and a campfire appear on the screen. There’s the free spins, wild symbols buy feature, pick objects and so many more.

Overall View of Bigfoot Fortunes Slots

To sum up this slot, it is one that pleases the masses, with an RTP of 94.2% which is decent and min bets at 0.25 with max at 25 players have options to bet low or high. Even if you are not a huge fan of slots with this kind of theme you will still have a lot of fun playing it and you may even win something big to take home with you. So this is your sign to come and check out Bigfoot Fortunes Slots today, you certainly wont regret it that’s a promise.