Dim Sum Prize Slots

If you are looking to play a new Betsoft game on your mobile device, there is no better mobile online casino than Cocoa. As a 3D slot game, players can enjoy this game on the go. One of the things I look for in a slot game is the introduction. Here, it tells players what they can expect when they play this game. To this end, players will be introduced to a 3xs Crimson Coupon Free Spins; Tea Time Wilds; and one special feature I will reveal later.

About the Game

Dim Sum Prize Slots is wonderfully designed with different types of Chinese cuisine. The backdrop is a town, but the slot itself could be an indoor restaurant found there. Or, it can even be an outside eatery. Either way, it has exquisite red lanterns on each side of the slot and Chinese foods that will make your mouth water.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there?

Dim Sum is a 5 reel slot with 10 pay lines. It is important to read the specific rules of the game since they fully explain the special features.

What is the Betting Range in this Game?

At the bottom of the slot, use the arrow to scroll from left to right to view the betting amounts. The coin denominations range from 5 cents to $10, with the max bet at $10 per spin. Depending upon your bet size, the payout amounts for the symbols will change. So before placing any bets, test out the game for free at Cocoa Mobile and determine the amount you wish to bet.

Where is the Pay Table?

Click on either the 3 horizontal bars at the bottom left or the small i. Both will take you to the Options, AutoPlay, Pay Table, and Rules of the Game. The Options tab gives you the game settings; then the Auto Play Settings, the Pay Table, and the Rules of the Game.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

There are three special features in this game: the Crimson Coupon Free Spins, the Tea Time Wilds, and the Bamboo Basket Surprise.

What is the Highest Paying Symbol in this Game?

Win $250 if you bet the max and get all five of the Chinese dish. This is the first symbol in the pay table.

Crimson Coupon Free Spins Feature

Get three Crimson Coupons and the Free Spins Feature will be activated. Players will be awarded 5 free spins. The Crimson Coupons will transform into Tea Time Wilds and will remain in place for the duration of this feature. If the Tea Time Wilds appear during this feature, it will award one free Re-Spin.

Tea Time Wilds Feature

Any Tea Time Wild that appears on the reels will award 1 Free Re-spin. The more Tea Time Wilds that appear, the more free Re-Spins you will receive. Any additional Tea Time Wilds will remain in place and will add another free Re-Spin. Players can win up to 9 free Re-spins. The number of Re-Spins will appear on the Tea Time Wild symbol. Crimson Coupons can appear on the reels during Re-Spins and the related free spins mode will be triggered automatically. Any Tea Time Wilds shown on the reels will remain during the duration of the free spins mode. All Wilds on the reels when the free Spins are triggered will remain through the free spins feature.

Bamboo Basket Surprise

The Bamboo Basket Surprise can appear any time on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Bamboo Basket can open to reveal either a Crimson Coupon, three of which will trigger the free spins feature or the Tea Time Wilds that trigger the free Re-Spin.


Betsoft's new Dim Sum Prize Slots has been given a 10 point rating! Its designed in the true tradition of Betsoft Gaming. I invite all US players to go to Cocoa Mobile Casino and play the New Dim Sum Prize Slots anywhere and at anytime.