Big Shrimpin' Slots

Here have the great Big Shrimpin' Slots, are you ready to embark on a deep sea adventure alongside Captain Bubba Crustacean in Big Shrimpin’ brought to us by the great creators at Rival Gaming. Let's dive into a world of the unknown across 5 reels and 3 rows, where there are amazing surprises along the way like the wonderful features and attributes of the game that we will reveal shortly. So stick with us as we pick apart this game and give you all the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision about this slot game.

Must Know Attributes of Big Shrimpin' Slots

In this enchanting slot game we have the wonderful theme of the sea on our side. There are lots of things built into the slot game that creates this lovely ambiance where you feel as though you are in a fisherman village ready to rig up your little fisherman boat and take it out to sea. There are cute animations of fishermen buoys and shells all adding to the pleasant picture. The soundtrack does wonders too as it sets the scene for that rustic fisherman village that we find oh so quaint.

Must Know Attributes of Big Shrimpin' Slots

There are countless features to be mentioned here at Big Shrimpin' Slots. To start with, we have the all important symbols such as anchors, buoys, and a towering lighthouse that await. Players should keep a keen eye on the long shrimp net, the Expanding Wild symbol, and Bubba’s golden compass Scatter as these will help you get to the big wins. Players have the possibility to trigger up to 20 Free Spins with the compass symbols and the chance to multiply your symbols with the shrimp trap. There is also a bonus symbol which is seen as the fishing boat. So we can see that there are some great features laid out for us in this game. The RTP of the game is also set to 94.2% which isn’t the highest but the other features make up for this.

To Sum It All Up

Overall, we can now see that there is much potential with this slot game. If you are someone that loves the sea then you will love this slot game and if you are into fishing well it’s the perfect one for you. The winning chances are great and there’s a lot of fun to be had along the way. All in all the games quality is high and there are all the necessary features and attributes available that one looks for. So why not come and play this game today, you wont regret it.