Small Soldiers Slots

Small Soldiers puts an unusual spin on the war theme that has often been borrowed by many different slot games over the years. Somehow, they manage to bring some new life into a once-overplayed visual theme. This slot is by the casino software developement company Saucify, which has been taking classic themes and giving them a cosmetic makeover, launching amazing game after game. This slot is played on five reels, and paints a less realistic image of war. Small Soldiers is a cartoonish, computer animated slot game with big eyed, almost anime inspired soldiers. Nothing about this slot is modeled after any kind of realistic depiction of war either. it's pretty cute, to be honest. This slot uses modern war aesthetics instead of vintage ones. Oftentimes slots use vintage war animations as a tribute to the earliest slot machines, but that's not the case when it comes to this game. Saucify isn't one to skip out on the special features either, and Small Soldiers is just another example of that.


This game is laid against a computer animated military base. There is an adorable soldier in a guard tower to the right of the game grid. There is a flag on the left side of the gameboard as well as a few military tanks and small houses. The game grid is laid against a miltary base, and ;ike most Saucify slots, there is a menu located at the bottom of the board where you can check your financial balance and adjust your bet if you press it and pull up the information menu. While this game doesn't seem to specify this is based on the American military, patriotic music players in the background that suggests otherwise. I enjoyed the sound effects and background music immensely, which says a lot because I'm the type of player to usually mute the music and listen to my own music while playing. Of course, it'll be up to the individual player to decide their preference, but you can go to the menu and adjust the sound effects otherwise.


Within this game grid, they have a variety of different symbols like medics, pilots, officers, artillery, and others. The lowest paying symbol on this board is the J symbol, and it awards 10 to 20 credits depending on the number of symbols that are triggered. The highest paying symbol is the officer symbol, which operates as the wild and awards a generous prize. The pilots and artillery are scatter symbols. The pilot symbol awards you free spins, depending on how many symbols you trigger. The artillery triggers the mini level. During this mini-game, you need to aim and fire to scoop up rewards. When you beat each level, you'll be given a rank depending on how well you did. I love when slots include these kinds of mechanics because it makes the actual gameplay a lot more fun.

This game is played on 40 total pay lines. You can adjust the coin size, ranging anywhere from 0.01 to 0.25 per spin. You can play 1 to 5 coins per line at a time, and the maximum bet you can make per spin is $50.00. Fifty bucks per spin can definitely total up fast, but in the slot world this isn't even high roller numbers, as some games allow players to bet hundreds of dollars per spin. I'd say this game is perfect for your average slot player not looking to bet huge sums of money, as well as your medium rollers who aren't looking to bet pennies, but cannot afford to lose thousands if luck isn't on their side.