Gold Bricks Slots

Gold is quite possibly the only precious metal that could reliably replace fiat currency, because of the high economic esteem in which it has always been held throughout the ages. In fact, if you look at most of the valuables in any country, the one thing they have in common is that they are either comprised completely of gold, or adorned with the brilliant yellow metal in some way. Gold is truly the universal symbol of riches, status, wealth and female hypergamy because of the jealous glint that appears in the eyes of girls when they see another wearing jewelry.

Gold Bricks Slots is a digital recognition of the inherent value of the rare metal. You can gauge the popularity of it by checking out the many online websites and applications that charts the rise and fall of Aurum (the Latin name for gold). This is a pastime that is enjoyed by stock investors and those looking to truly certify their wealth worldwide. As for the video slot, it was made by the brilliant gaming engineers at Rival Gaming, and was released fairly recently in the year 2017.

Despite its brilliance and fanfare of the first screen, do not full yourself into thinking that hidden features and bonus factors dominate this relatively simple three reel slot. Gold Bricks Slots is a gambler's gambling game; and that it gets right to the points and provide you with the familiar 3 reel slots symbols and method of gameplay. It is definitely a throwback to win mechanical machines dominated the brick-and-mortar casino houses - today, the look and feel has been transported to the virtual realm.

At first glance, Gold Bricks Video Slots looks to be of the new interactive slot type. It is not meant to trick you; it is just meant to entice you so that you give this Classic Slot a second look and do not deprive yourself of a chance to win big - assuming that you're playing for real money. The fun money option does not require a download; you can just play right inside your Firefox or Google Chrome browser. With that out of the way, the golden color scheme is just a luminous entryway to the large easy to read icons that will determine your slots future.

You've got three pay lines to play with their. Unlike other games you have to play every single one of them; however you can vary the coins that you play for maximum effect without going into the red in your bank account. The 3X3 layout is essentially your digital playground here; the goal is to match as many symbols as you can on these pay lines, and if you manage to get three of the same type then you're in the running to score payouts. As with all Classic Slots - in fact, it also works this way with five reel in the rare seven reel slots - matching identical symbols provides the largest monetary awards. Awards of a smaller amount are also available with different non--identical combinations.

As for the symbols, they are the usual suspects in Classic Slots. Since you have only three reels to work with, you should not expect the myriad of audit and whimsical icons that are usually available in fantasy slots of all varieties. There are bar icons, 7 icons, watermelons, cherries, and plums. The 7 icons are the highest paying ones and they come in the color of semi-precious and precious metals: that would be bronze, silver, and gold. If you can get the gold sevens, then you just might snag a payout that is 50 times greater than whatever your line bet was. Check out Gold Bricks Slot if you're a fan of the Classic 3 Reel Slots.